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The Power of Affirmations

Our Feedback Five this week (Thanks Brittany!) discussed the power that affirmations can have on our self-esteem and well-being. As part of my New Year’s goals, I have started journaling with an online journaling community. Every morning, this community posts a new affirmation for the day. I have been writing them down in my journal to reaffirm the statement so that I have it in the future if I am ever down or need a pick-me-up. At first, I was thinking that they are just words and wouldn’t really matter in my day-to-day life. But I cannot begin to tell you how life-changing it has been. The affirmations, and the journaling process, have really changed my mindset and starteds my day off on the right foot. I feel more positive and confident that I can get through the hard parts of my day just by reassuring myself with these words. Now, translate how this helps me into the mind of a child. We want their inner dialogue to be words of affirmation, positivity, and confidence. By hearing these affirmations daily, children will begin to believe that they are capable beings who are worthy of positive interactions and affection. It is amazing what positive daily affirmations can do!

My go-to affirmations for my personal life are:

I am lovable and capable

I can do hard things just by putting my mind to it.

I am worthy of love.

You got this!

What are your go-to affirmations for yourself or for children?

Have a great week, Peeps!

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