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Lessons from the Kentucky Derby

Over the weekend, the 148th running of the Kentucky Derby took place. In this year’s race, a horse named Rich Strike won in a stunning victory over 19 other horses. It was an amazing race and if you haven’t seen it, I recommend that you watch it.

This was no ordinary victory. Rich Strike and his jockey were not supposed to be in the Derby this year. He only made it into contention because another horse bowed out. He wasn’t the most expensive horse, nor was he the most experienced. Many others were favored to win the race. But Rich Strike and his jockey, Sonny Leon, had other ideas. Coming off a five-race losing streak and starting in what is considered to be the worst starting stalls, Rich Strike came from behind and won the race!

What a great lesson to teach children (and adults)! That even when the odds are stacked against you, you should never give up. That hard work, determination, and desire make dreams come true. Never count yourself out and never give up on your dreams!

Have a great week, Peeps! Work hard to achieve your dreams!


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