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3 Years of Learning and Growth - And the Rewind is Evidence!

Alison and I are excited to share our July 4 Holiday Rewind episode with you on that Monday. Without giving away which episode won the vote, I'd like to share that the rewind experience proves that we learn and grow without even realizing it.

It was great fun for Alison and for me to look back at our episodes to pick the three that our Preschool Peeps would choose from for re-release on July 4. We laughed at the changes in our hairstyles and cringed a little at our lockdown, background noise challenges. We both felt that the podcast has been more professionalized, especially the YouTube videos. We know that we have gained listeners and hope they don't cringe too much when they do the binging they write to us about.

More than anything, we realized how much we learned about early education and the depth of topics that can be discussed. We never imagined that we would be still recording when we started this in June 2018 (that's right - it's our 3rd Podcast-aversary!). We have learned that there are endless topics on your minds and ours. We thank you for teaching us about what the workforce wonders, struggles with, and aches to know. Your messages to us are priceless in the production of our podcast.

Keep reaching out to us and teaching us! We will try to do the same.

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